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I am a Englishman living in Berlin, Germany. I read, write and speak English and German fluently. My education is good and I have learnt a solid profession. I am confident about what I want in life. I am active, humorous and still very young in my soul, I have not lost the desire to do new things and have not forgotton that the simple things have their values too. I will give love, tender kisses with passionate embrace to my beloved one....
I like to travel and meet new people and learn about new cultures. I have travelled most of the EU, Belarus and Russia and wish to return once again. I like to see new places and add to my collection of still life photographs. It would be a great pleasure to meet a Lady who would be interested to show me the many beautiful buildings, views and locations of which she knows well and is proud of in her city or region. The romantic in me enjoys a evening meal in a restaurant by candlelight that over looks the city at night, maybe we can share such a nice day together.
I seek a woman who can speak good conversational English or German. Who is intelligent, dependable, cheerful, warm hearted, sensuous, sexy women who is assured and confident of her role in life. Who wishes to accompany a fit man, whether it be a visit to the Theatre, to walk hand in hand in the botanical gardens or a hike in a forest, she would be comfortable in all situations, and be happy with her beloved. To be able to laugh together when drinking a cocktail or glass wine in a club, or maybe on a terrace in the garden on a warm summers night. To dance together spontaneously to music playing on the radio, but also can be serious discussing the meaning of life with respect for each others opinions, to be able to agree to disagree when our views differ. but she is wise enough to create the harmony a good relationship requires without hysterics or drama. I believe behind every good man is a great woman and without this special lady the enjoyment in life is only at half value...
If you have read this far; then you will know that the woman who seeks money or is Choleric will not make contact with me, there are plenty of this type of woman in Europe!... You are the woman for me!? Can your soul fly? then please write me a email telling me why we are a good match, all emails to me I will reply to, thank you for taking your time to read my profile...
с Женщиной
в возрасте 31-50 лет
Цель знакомства:
Дружба и общение,
Любовь, отношения,
Регулярный секс вдвоем
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Не женат
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87 кг
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Джек Лондон (предприниматель)
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Активный партнер,
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